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Barista Training and Coffee Courses

Are you wanting to elevate your baristas to the next level? Or are you simply looking to learn more about coffee yourself? We have a course tailored to your needs, with our expert trainers in all things coffee! 

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The Big Barista Crash Course (2 Days)

  • Date of your choosing excluding weekends.
  • Private Course (Only 1 student with focused training time)
  • R 6500 - 12 hours across 2 days.

This course covers the following:

  1. Understanding the basics of what impacts coffee brewing
  2. A cupping to explore the differences between coffees in taste and aroma
  3. Espresso Extraction Theory
  4. Practicals: Dialling in a grinder, how to extract espresso, how to steam milk, basic cafe drinks and how to make them. 
  5. Espresso Machine cleaning and care
  6. Barista Assessment requiring a 80% pass


3/4-Day Cafe Barista Course (Groups of 3-4 students)

  • R4500 per student, 6 hours per day 

This course covers a more in-depth approach to understanding coffee from farm to cup, helping the barista find a better appreciation for the product they are working with and in turn hone their skills more fully. Here we will cover the following: 

  1. Coffee Growing & Farming Practice and the Impact on the Cup
  2. A Basic Understanding of Roasting and the impact on the cup
  3. Sensory training & understanding
  4. Espresso Extraction Theory & practice
  5. The full cafe practical skills including, espresso extraction, milk steaming & latte art technique, brewing a manual brew for a customer, developing recipes for cafe drinks. Dialling in different coffees and how to adapt your recipes to make the most of unique profiles.
  6. Bar management and espresso machine cleaning skills as well as troubleshooting basic technical issues
  7. Basic Cafe Management Skills
  8. Barista Assessment requiring 80% to pass. 

Home Barista Enthusiasts

  • R1000 per person - 4 hours of home barista tips and tricks to brewing better coffee at home.

We will cover roast impact on brewing coffee, how to determine whether you have adequately dialled in a new coffee, understanding espresso extraction and milk steaming techniques and latte art. 

Groups of up to 5. 


Private Introductory Barista Course

  • R1700 per person - 4 hours

A brief introduction to the history of coffee, coffee theory, extraction theory, sensory analysis, drink preparation, espresso/milk and manual brew coffee prep and tasting as well as a practical introduction into espresso making and milk steaming. Perfect for those wanting to learn more than the average coffee lover, gain a true insight into what makes coffee taste the way it does and how to get the best results from of your Espresso machine. 

Maximum of 2 people per course. 


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