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Barista Training and Coffee Courses

Are you wanting to elevate your baristas to the next level? Or are you simply looking to learn more about coffee yourself? We have a course tailored to your needs, with our expert trainers in all things coffee! 

SCA Accredited Courses:

Barista Skills - Foundation, Intermediate and Professional  

These courses are designed for those wanting to pursue coffee as a career whether locally or abroad with internationally recognised certification. These courses are taught over a number of days with groups of 4-6 students.


Manual Brewing Course 

  • R1500 per person - 3 hours of brewing tips and how to get the best out of your favourite brewing method

Designed for everyone from home brewer looking to make great coffee every day to cafe owners and baristas looking to add different brewing methods to their coffee menu.

We will be covering some basic theory on coffee brewing and how it applies to various common manual brew methods, what to look out for when looking to buy beans for at home and everything you need to start making amazing coffee every day! 

Groups of up to 8. For more info reach out to

Book Here 



Home Barista Enthusiasts Experience

  • R1500 per person - 3 hours of home barista tips and tricks to brewing better coffee at home.

We will cover roast impact on brewing coffee, how to determine whether you have adequately dialled in a new coffee, understanding espresso extraction and milk steaming techniques and latte art. This course can be orientated towards espresso based brewing or manual brewing for private group bookings.

Groups of up to 6. For more info reach out to

barista training espresso  

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