Seam Coffee is proud to be the South African partner for Raw Material, giving us and any interested coffee roaster access to the most incredible coffee that's helping to build coffee growing communities in Colombia, Mexico, Timor-Leste, Rwanda and Burundi.

Raw Material is a social enterprise

100% of the profit we generate goes to the producers we represent globally.

We work with a growing network of smallholder farmers, alongside dedicated global coffee buyers to facilitate trade at stable, sustainable prices while improving coffee quality, yields, and community outcomes.

Did you know, that almost half of the smallholder coffee producers globally live below the poverty line?

And of this group, 22% live in extreme poverty. Meanwhile, the value of the specialty coffee market will double to reach 80 billion USD by 2025. For us, this is an absurd reality.

We do things differently. By working together, a producer’s profits can be maximised through the coffee you buy.

We maximise the impact coffee can have.

100% of the profit we generate goes to producers, directly through payments for coffee and through community-level investments.

Following the disastrous effects of the global pandemic, the decision to put producer welfare at the centre of your buying choices is vital.

Economic freedom through coffee is achievable in our lifetime.

Lets get to work.

For more info go to: rawmaterial.coffee