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Deep Dive Into Our Specialty Capsules

When starting our capsule journey we set out to answer 3 questions:

  • Does it have the best performance?
  • Is it hermetically sealed i.e does it have an oxygen barrier?
  • Do they have the right end of life credentials?

Our new Nespresso compatible capsules are a world premier innovation for a perfect extraction meaning they’ll perform the same, if not better than aluminium capsules and they have the best hermetic sealing of its kind - making this a real game changer!

When it comes to end of life our capsules are the first certified HOME compostable capsules in SA and will disintegrate back into soil with 26 weeks.

Our capsules don’t need to be returned to an industrial compost facility to be disposed of as they are HOME compostable so just drop them into your (or someone you know) compost heap as part of your sustainable journey.

Capsules however are nothing without great coffee so we’ve committed to using only in our capsules, ensuring farmers benefit by receiving 100% of the profits from our green coffee purchase and you get to taste some of the most incredible flavours and origins you’re likely to find in a capsule - win/win!

We’ve then completed the circle by using packaging made only of recycled materials.

If you’ve read this far you probably care about your sustainable journey or you’re a capsule fan, but now you can be both! 


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