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Mexico Producer Spotlight: Limber Ezequiel

Following the enthusiastic reception of our first Mexican coffees from Raw Material last year we've brought in another bundle of exceptional coffees! You'll notice some familiar names & some brand new names -  just like this one: Limber Ezequiel.

Limber Ezequiel is one of of the founding members of a brand new association of mostly young producers in the Chiapas region of Mexico. This association, called Sierra Productora de Cafe or SIPRO is the brainchild and combined effort of 8 young producers who share a vision for coffee production in Mexico. These young producers are from the region of Amatenango de la Frontera, directly across from the border from the famous Guatemalan region of Huehuetenango and shares its incredible terroir. 

view towards Guatemala, from the Amatenango de la Frontera

Coffee as a crop is a predominant source of income for the Chiapan producers and Limber's family have been growing coffee here in the Amatenango for generations. Limber got involved in coffee production at an early age before leaving to pursue studies in agronomy. He worked in several different regions in Mexico before returning to his farm to become the primary caretaker and producer. 

After returning home and founding SIPRO, they established a relationship with Raw Material aspiring to be dynamic and to represent the best interests and ensure competitive returns for all their members. The infrastructure and fertiliser distribution in this region is considerable because of the dependence on coffee as the main source of income for families and so the producers of SIPRO have been producing and continue to produce exceptional quality coffees.

Limber has recently been experimenting with processing, particularly naturals, and we were incredibly fortunate to secure the entire microlot of this beautiful natural. On their farm they are growing bourbon, caturra and typica varietals and this natural has been processed incredibly well. It showcases big boozy flavours, with an incredible fruit forward sweetness and a wonderful thick, chewy mouthfeel. 

Get your hands on some of this exclusive coffee from Limber here - you'll be the only ones in the world to drink it!

mexico coffee producer

 images and info credit to Raw Material

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