Reusable Coffee Storage Jars with one-way valve

Reusable Coffee Storage Jars with one-way valve

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As a business we've taken the decision to sell these at our cost to promote a more sustainable journey and give our customers a choice, with this in mind all jars need to be accompanied by a roasted coffee order (1 roasted coffee per jar) which we’ll send to you with the coffee inside

The problem with storing fresh coffee is that it needs to degas (release C02) and any airtight container will either expand and break or retain the C02 which quickly turns the coffee rancid and current one-way valve coffee containers are in excess of R600

In response to this problem our innovative storage jars with one-way valve - allowing degassing but keeping oxygen out is the most cost effective solution we we're able to come up with making it a South African first

Bring in your jar and take R5 off your roasted coffee of choice 

Please note:

Always store your coffee out of direct sunlight

Do not tamper with or remove the one-way valve

Lids should only be wiped down with a dry cloth

Jars can be washed or put in the dishwasher