Campbell Road

Campbell Road

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We taste: Milk chocolate, dried apricot, treacle sugar

Rwanda Kilimbi Washed Lot 8 - 40%

Rwanda Kilimbi Honey lot 16 - 20%

Brazil Cerrado FC - 40%

Our house coffee named after where it all began. A little bit more adventurous - an example of what coffee can taste like!


Varieties: Red Bourbon Nyamasheke District, Rwanda

Built Date: March 2016

Manager: Joseph Ntarindwa

Altitude: 1650 - 1850m

Full-time Staff:  4

Family of Farmers: 750

Annual Production: 300 – 350 MT

Coffee Processed: Fully Washed, Honey, Natural

The journey to Kilimbi coffee washing station (CWS) from the capital city Kigali is one of the most scenic and beautiful drives to any CWS in Rwanda (and for that matter the world). The only stations that we believe can rival this CWS in sheer beauty is our little baby Shyira and hidden gem Gisheke!

Once you make your way past the majestic four-hour drive from Kigali to Nyamasheke District where you are bombarded with thousands of green lush forests, trade mark Rwandan rolling hills, villages, coffee trees and so much more. Just when you think it cannot get any more majestic … you are greeted b the iconic Lake Kivu, the biggest lake in Rwanda overseeing our neighbours to the west, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

On the shores of this amazing Lake our Kilimbi CWS sits. Kilimbi is the birthplace of Muraho Trading Company. This was the first CWS we built in March 2016. Kilimbi along with Gisheke are the only stations that get some coffee cherries delivered by boat from our Farmers through Lake Kivu.

In its short existence, Kilimbi has set a mark in the Rwanda specialty coffee industry. A multi barista competition used and award-winning station but most importantly, along with its big Sister Rugali were the first stations in Rwanda’s history to produce and export Natural and Honey processed coffee legally.

This has now paved the way for other coffee producers in Rwanda! Further to this, Kilimbi is the first CWS in Rwanda to successfully produce black and red honey processed coffee. Just ask our Brother Joseph about this … one proud man about his CWS and the Kilimbi family’s achievements!