Aillio Bullet R1 V2 (please call for stock availability)
Aillio Bullet R1 V2 (please call for stock availability)
R 61,500.00

Aillio Bullet R1 V2 (please call for stock availability)

Take control of your coffee…

Those who are passionate about coffee tend to obsess over it. We carefully measure out grams, seconds, and degrees. We fret over filters and grind-size. And we fanatically source our beans, happily chasing our favorite varieties to the ends of the earth. But there is one important variable that most of us aficionados have very little control over: the  roasting of the beans.

Enter the Bullet R1, a roaster designed with our fellow coffee geeks in mind. It is a powerful, true drum roaster, easily capable of bringing a full KG of beans to first crack in under 12 minutes – a remarkable feat for a machine that fits neatly on your kitchen counter and plugs into any standard wall socket.

A Roaster Unlike Any Other

It’s the only roaster to use induction as its heat source, making it the most energy-efficient roaster in the world. And it’s also the only roaster that allows roast profiling with infrared, granting its users unparalleled bean temperature accuracy.

The Bullet R1 is highly responsive to user input, giving you fine control over drum speed, fan speed, and heating power during the course of each roast. You can take samples mid-roast using the “tryer”, sneak a peak at your beans through the sight glass, or obsessively monitor the numbers on the LCD control-panel – it’s all up to you. Included in the package is the RoasTime roast profiling and management software, which also grants you access to the Roast.World website, where you can share your roast profiles with other users.

(And let’s not forget that this little roaster also looks very sexy.)